Bottle for Poverty

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    Who we are ?

    Bottles for Poverty was founded by Robel H. Haile in Davis, California on September 19, 2011. It operates as a charity and campus club at the University of California, Davis. Currently, it is run by motivated and enthusiastic UC Davis students.

    What we do ?

    Our main goal is to raise enough money to build a school that will be able to accommodate hundreds of new and continuing students in an impoverished region of Ethiopia in the state of Gondar. We are trying to accomplish this goal mainly by collecting recyclables such as bottles, cans and glasses. Our idea is as simple as it sounds.

    How can you help ?

    We would like you to donate your cans, bottles or glasses to raise funds to build a school in Ethiopia. Any contributions we receive go a long way in supporting our cause. Recyclables can be donated during our regular bottle drive at 1617 Valdora Street, Avalon Apartments #25, Davis, CA 95616. Please visit our "Donate Now" page for more information about how to donate.

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    Our Story

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    More about us.

    Our Goal

    The main goal of this charitable organization is to raise enough money to build a school and provide a place for learning at an impoverished state of Gondar in Ethiopia. We believe that by providing the young generation a place for proper education, we are giving them the tools to help create a society that is better equipped to face challenges and ultimately eliminate poverty.

    The only way we can better struggling societies is by providing the opportunity for an education. As education brings enlightenment, we will see communities solving their own problems, making a difference, and not depending on foreign aid. Thus, if the children in the city of Gondar are educated, they will be better informed about the causes of poor health, high infant mortality rate, obstetrical death, and famine. Being educated and aware of the problems and possible solutions is the first step to a developing community.

    Help us to make a difference

    We would like to cordially invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of these young, uneducated children. Together, we can end this vicious cycle of poverty. Our goal is to raise $24,000 to build a school for over 200 students. To do so we will be collecting recyclables from you and selling them to the recycle factory in exchange for money. Simply by donating your recyclables, you can make a profound impact on the lives of many children.

    Join Our Team

    If you would like to become more involved in Bottles For Poverty, there are many opportunities available. We have officer positions that involve logistics, newsletter editing, and event coordination. We meet every Wednesday at 8PM in Wellman 111. Kindly send us an email at, or message us on Facebook for more meeting information.

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